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I would occasionally bump into former training partners that just disappeared after training for few months. I would often ask them why they stopped attending classes and a common answer would be “not having the money to train.” On a surface level, this sounds like a evenhanded response. Kron Gracie is the son on the famous Rickson Gracie. Kron has a great facility, with a large mat area, locker rooms, showers, and all the gear you need to learn BJJ Tournaments in Florida. In an exciting and unusual turn of BJJ Tournaments Florida, a man who is considered one of the maximum BJJ Tournament ever has announced he is coming out of retirement for a special super fight.



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Get the latest news on 2017 Bjj Tournaments in California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament’s goal is to provide you with results in the Bjj Connection industry with ongoing events.
In this 2017 National Grappling Tournaments will be held in California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas. After each tournament, we encourage and post feedback of coaches and competitors in order to create an interactive Jiu Jitsu community.
This 2017 BJJ Connection will keep you up to date with Jiu Jitsu Tournaments 2017 in California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas for both kids and adults. The Bjj Connection has set the goal of constantly delivering all the information for each Jiu Jitsu tournament for all competitors.