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January 15th 2017

Important information

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Jan 15,2017 -     Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday Jan 15,2017 -     Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
2017 AMMO Fight League kicks off it’s season…..
On Sunday January 15th, 2017 AMMO returns for AMMO 1 Grappling & Super Fight Tournament. 
We will also be holding our Super Fights. Fighters will be announced in a few weeks. Stay tuned... 
We attract competitors from all over the East Coast...
Come and participate in New England's newest grappling league. We also hold NO TIME LIMIT SUBMISSION ONLY SUPER FIGHT's with some of the best grapplers that the MMA/Grappling community can offer! Please SHARE this event with all your Teammates!!! WEIGH INS REGISTRATION TIME: 8:30 - 10:30AM START TIME: 11:00AM PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE ON TIME!!! So we can begin on time. Rounds: 4min for Kids less than 12 years of age 6min for regular participants Awards: Medals for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.
Gold medal will be awarded to 1st place if there is less than 5 competitors.
AMMO 1st place Belts - If there is 5 or more competitors per division

Rules and Divisions

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Competition rules:    IBJJF Rules

Divisions: With over 900 different possible weight and experience combinations, AMMO has you covered. Please take a moment to review the different weight classes and experience levels to find the division that is perfect for you.

Age Groups
Kids (5-12)
Teens (13-17)
Adult (18+)

Experience Levels
Kids – White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green
Teens / Adult – White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

No Gi
Kids – Novice (< 6 mos), Beginner (6 mos – 1 yr), Intermediate (1 – 2 yrs), Advanced (2 – 3 yrs), Pro (3 + yrs)
Teens / Adult – Beginner (< 1 yr), Intermediate (1 – 2 yrs), Advanced (2 – 4 yrs), Pro (4 + yrs)

Gi and No Gi Weight Divisions

Kids can easily fluctuate in weight over the course of a few weeks. Because of this, all kid competitors will be permitted a 4 lb allowance when weighing in for their matches. However, it is advised that if your child is close to the maximum weight limit, that you register them at a higher weight class.

*All weigh ins are conducted without the gi.

Women’s Weight Classes:

Fly Weight (119.9 lbs & Under)
Light Weight (120 to 134.9 lbs.)
Middle Weight (135 to 159.9 lbs.)
Light Heavy Wt (160 lbs. & Above)

Men’s Weight Classes:

Featherweight: 135 lbs. and Under
Flyweight: 136 – 145 lbs.
Lightweight: 146 -155 lbs.
Junior Welterweight: 156 – 165 lbs.
Welterweight: 166 – 175 lbs.
Middleweight: 176 -185 lbs.
Cruiserweight: 186 – 195 lbs.
Light Heavyweight: 196 – 205 lbs.
Heavyweight: 206 – 225 lbs.
Super Heavyweight: 226 lbs. and Over
Masters Weight Classes (30 yrs. & Up):
Lightweight: 160 lbs. and Under
Welterweight: 161 – 180 lbs.
Light Heavyweight: 181 – 200 lbs.
Heavyweight: 201+ lbs
Women’s Weight Classes:
Lightweight: 115 lbs. and Under
Welterweight: 116 – 130 lbs.
Middleweight: 131 – 145 lbs.
Cruiserweight:146 – 160 lbs.
Heavyweight:161 lbs. and Over

Teens Weight Classes (13-17 Years old):

80 Lbs & Under
81-90 Lbs
91- 100 Lbs
101- 115 Lbs
116- 130 Lbs
131-150 Lbs
151+ Lbs Heavyweight

Kids Weight Classes (5-12 Years old)

40 Lbs & Under
41-50 Lbs
51-60 Lbs
61-70 Lbs
71+ Lbs Heavy Weight



The Venue

100 Bidwell Rd, South Windsor, CT

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