Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments

January 21st, 2017


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Re-visit this section the DAY BEFORE the tournament. Any adjustments will be posted here.

All times are tentative. PLEASE be ready at least 1 HOUR prior to your tentative start time.

8:00 am: Weigh-In scales open

9:00 am: Weigh-ins CLOSE for all kids/teens

9:00 am: Rules meeting for kids & teens

9:30 am: Kids Advanced Gi

9:45 am: Kids Intermediate Gi

10:15 am: Kids Beginner

10:45 am: Novice Gi

11:00 am: Teens Gi

11:15 am: Kids Advanced NoGi

11:30 am: Kids Intermediate NoGi

12:00 am: Kids Beginner

12:30 pm: Novice NoGi

12:45 pm: Teens NoGi

12:00 pm: Weigh-ins CLOSE for adult Gi


12:30 pm: Rules meeting for adults

1:00 pm: Female Gi divisions start

1:15 pm: Brown/Black Gi divisions start

1:30 pm: Purple belt Gi divisions start

2:00 pm: Blue belt Gi divisions start

2:45 pm: White belt Gi divisions start

3:00 pm: Scales CLOSE for adult NoGi


3:45 pm: Female NoGi divisions start

4:00 pm: Brown/Black NoGi divisions start

4:15 pm: Purple NoGi divisions start

4:45 pm: Blue NoGi divisions start

5:30 pm: White NoGi divisions start

During the tournament brackets will come out in the same order as the tournament divisions are scheduled above.

You will not be able to see what your bracket looks like until approximately 30 mintues before you division start time.  (Please do not look for your bracket online because we do not post them online, they are actually made the day of the tournament.)

Brackets are put together throughout the day and their completion times are in accordance with the tournamnet schedule you see above.

When you are at the tournament please do not freak out if you don't see your name on a set of brackets. Look at the bracket very closely and take your time to determine if it is indeed the bracket you should be in in.

At the tournament, if you are still confused or have a specific question please see The Good Fight mat manager.



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The Venue

109 Burns Crossing Rd. Severn, MD 21144

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